The Electric Cello Show is an exciting and sensual fusion of classical and pop music performed by this stunning young blonde. The performance is enriched by dynamic backing tracks to give a full multi-instrument sound - the result is a unique musical and visual spectacular which will keep the audience spellbound.

A typical repertoire includes Lizzy’s own up-tempo versions of all-time classics such as Palladio by Karl Jenkins, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire, Paradise by Coldplay and We Found Love by Rihanna.

A popular format for the show is to begin with up to 1 hour of elegant classical cello music as background to a drinks reception or during dinner. This is followed by a dramatic change in both costume and tempo which immediately gets the audience’s attention and the main, high energy performance begins. The length of the main show is agreed in advance with the client but is typically 20 minutes.

With a variety of elegant dresses to suit every occasion, Lizzy can adapt her attire to the colour scheme and style of your event.

Lizzy is also available for an evening of pop and/or classical background music played on her acoustic or electric cello, for up to three 45 minute sets.

Lizzy also regularly performs at English and Asian weddings. Please go to for full details.

Note: Lizzy satisfies the legal / Health & Safety regulations for concert halls, hotels, conference centres and other performance venues: (1) Professional public liability insurance and (2) PA system is P.A.T. certified for electrical safety. Certificates are available on request.

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